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What is "The Cloud"?

The Cloud is today's modern way of hosting. Almost everything is now on the cloud from music, TV & movies to your personal photo's.

What is "OpenCart Cloud"?

OpenCart Cloud is an ecommerce solution hosted on AWS servers and built for every type of business. We’re very excited about it and can’t wait to see your business thrive, like the other 300,000 businesses have since OpenCart started back in 2005. Our priority is to allow merchants to focus on their business and leave the technical side of their online business to us.

It's just the beginning, we have so much planned!

We’ve done our research in what we want to see develop in our cloud solution, we have a very loyal developer base and we’re excited to see, not just within the community of OpenCart but also, what people can build for the Cloud side.


Fast and simple setup

We've streamlined the process to get you set up within a matter of minutes, simply name your store and click create! The very latest version of OpenCart is installed for you, no need to download and upload files or go through the install process. All new Cloud Stores get a 14 day unlimited trial and we don't ask you for payment information to get started either!

Unlimited products, categories and orders

Unlimited products, categories and orders

We have brought over the freedom of our Open Source solution so our Cloud Store customers don’t get restricted by product or order limits either. Unlike some solutions that charge a transaction fee per order or ask you to upgrade to add more products, we like to keep it simple and encourage merchants to sell as much as they can.

Built on OpenCart

Built with OpenCart

Our Cloud solution was created from the original OpenCart project with the goal to keep them as similar as possible and encourage shared improvements over time. Very little is different on our Cloud option so veteran users will feel at home when using it.

OpenCart features

Security by default

From the first conversation to the latest line of code, security has always been the priority. No matter if you are a start up or the worlds biggest corporation there are always security practices that should be followed. Our whole network is monitored constantly and our security solutions are constantly evolving

Easy to use

Easy to use

With OpenCart support you are in safe hands knowing that any questions you have, we’re here to help you. With our knowledge base, community groups and Commercial Partners to help design and get you set up, any doubt about starting your venture will be quashed.

Built on Amazon AWS infrastructure

Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Ensuring that your store is running at peak performance 24/7 requires a reliable and solid hosting solution. Although there are many great hosts available we chose to use the industry leading Amazon Web Services due to their virtually unlimited resource capability, allowing your Cloud Store to scale up or down as needed. Instead of using a single server to host multiple stores we decided to build a custom platform that utilises any amount of servers we need, and also the ability to change the server sizes automatically.

Amazing support

Amazing support

Our support team have helped over 300,000 businesses, achieve their goals and we’re here to help you too. You’re in safe hands, when it comes to guidance and anything technical.

Themes & extensions

Themes & Extensions

A brand new extension store has been built for our Cloud Stores, allowing merchants to search and install with the click of the mouse. No downloading and uploading of files is needed. Our application marketplace is provided by the same great community of extension developers that have made the OpenCart Open Source solution the success it is today. 100% of the Cloud Store applications are reviewed prior to being offered on our Extension store to ensure maximum reliability, compatibility and customisation that very few other platforms can offer.

Technical features

Hosting features

When building a complex platform to host thousands of Cloud Stores we always wanted to ensure that the best practices were followed. Just a few hosting features include; Automated backups and restore points, static files served over Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and no single failure point - meaning anything that could fail has a backup in place if needed.

Our integration of OpenCart Cloud and PayPal powered by Braintree can make managing your shop and accounts much simpler – and improve customer experience too.

Start accepting cards and PayPal in one easy set up. With a 50% discount on the powerful OpenCart Cloud ecommerce platform for 12 months.

Simple, future-proofed checkout

We’ve made payment easier for you and your customers – any device, almost anywhere. Customise your cart with extensions. Accept all major credit and debit cards along with PayPal. Let customers speed through checkout with in-context payment and OneTouch™.

Scalable, secure checkout

Enhance security at checkout. PayPal integrates with our services in the cloud so you can scale business quickly with confidence. PayPal encrypt and store all sensitive card data to simplify PCI compliance.

Support at every step

We’re here to help. From setting up to adding new payment methods to offering top tips as your business grows. Call the PayPal support team in Dublin and choose from community and dedicated OpenCart commercial support.

In a nutshell, PayPal powered by Braintree and OpenCart Cloud make it easier and faster for your customers to buy from you, and simplify PCI compliance for your online store.
Gain a payment gateway, merchant account and ecommerce platform in one integration.

OpenCart Cloud

With a 50% discount on the powerful OpenCart Cloud ecommerce platform for 12 months.

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